Google Calendar and Google Calendar in Outlook!

What does KiGoo do?

KiGoo brings integration between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook to a whole new level. No more synchronization needed: KiGoo gives you the opportunity to use your actual Google Calendar through the Microsoft Outlook user interface. All the information is kept on the Google servers so you don’t have to worry about synchronizing it anymore.

Will KiGoo send personal information from my computer?

No. We don’t collect any information from our users. The only data transactions happen between your computer and Google servers. Information from Google Calendar is retrieved and updated using a direct link between the client machine and Google Calendar servers.

What are the minimum system requirements for installing KiGoo?

KiGoo currently works on Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows XP (with Service Pack 2) for 32 and 64bits editions, equipped with Microsoft Outlook 2003 (SP2) or 2007 (SP1). It also requires Microsoft’s .Net Framework 2.0 or higher.

Do I need Administrator privileges on my computer in order to install KiGoo?

Yes, you must have administrator privileges to install KiGoo.

Do I need to have a Microsoft Exchange Server account or a POP3 account to use KiGoo?

No, KiGoo does not need any special configuration in Microsoft Outlook in order to work.

Will an appointment created with KiGoo be reflected on the web version of Google Calendar?

Absolutely. Any operation performed through KiGoo on Google Calendar and Google Contacts will immediately update your Google account data and will be shown through the Google Calendar/Google Mail web interface. In order to see the changes, however, you might need to refresh the webpage.

Is there a Mac version of KiGoo?

No, there is no Mac version of KiGoo at the moment.